2 months ago
I got fillers from them for my birthday – phenomenal results! Best money I’ve ever spent! #fillerbellingham
- Sarah R
6 months ago
I got nothing but praise from my friends because of the excellent work of the doctors. Saved a lot of money going to this clinic for botox. #BotoxBellingham
- tanya c
4 months ago
Safe, effective, fast, and cheap laser treatment from the doctors. Clinic’s accessible, too. #fillerbellingham #fixwrinkles #wrinkleremover
- Deirdre D

Botox Bellingham Alternative

The Difference Botox Bellingham Alternative Can Make

We, at Skin FX offer a Botox Alternative, in that, since we are located such a close drive to Bellingham WA in Beautiful South Surrey, BC, we can offer loads of savings from what you would pay in US Dollars. We are only a 30 minute drive from Bellis Fair Mall, Just across the Canadian Border. So as long as you have a passport, you’re ready to go! This option is much quicker than heading to Seattle, which a lot of people do. And this way, you're saving not only time, but also getting much cheaper botox! With prices starting at around $10/unit, that is already cheaper than most botox clinics will charge you in Bellingham, WA,  but add in the currency conversion and you are laughing (without crows feet) all the way to the bank. 

We appreciate the unique beauty each and every individual has. We also know that many of us would want to preserve that natural beauty for as long as we can.
Here at the Botox Bellingham Alternative AKA Skin FX, we believe in helping our clients maintain their beauty through the use of the newest, most reliable cosmetic innovations today.

At Botox Bellingham Alternative, we strive to deliver outstanding, natural-looking results to each of our clients every single time.

Get That Ageless Beauty Without Spending Too Much

One of the usual concerns of some people wanting to get Botox treatments is the expensive cost of the procedure. Well, that’s one of the best things about our clinic – because fortunately, Botox Bellingham Alternative is located just outside the border at Bellingham Washington.

Being situated at an optimal spot (just a 25-35 minute drive depending on your location), any client can take advantage of our premium Botox treatment and other skin care offers at more affordable rates, thanks to the USD to CAD exchange.
You can enjoy getting professional cosmetic treatments from Botox Bellingham Alternative at more economical rates compared to other clinics located within the US and even in Canada.

Get Full Confidence That You Are in Great Hands with Our Seasoned Cosmetic Experts

We aim for perfection while maintaining safety at all times.
This is why the expert cosmetic services provided by Botox Bellingham Alternative are all performed exclusively by licensed, experienced, and skilled doctors.
We only use modern methods as well as tried and tested techniques in treating our clients. You can have full confidence that you are in great hands with Skin FX/ Botox Bellingham Alternative professionals.
Aside from aiming for a successful result, doctors at our clinic also strongly believe that nothing goes above the safety of the client. We always maintain that our client’s safety is of paramount importance.
Even though some of the procedures, like Botox treatments, just take a few minutes to be completed, we perform it with utmost caution and extreme care.
We never put our clients at risk and would never let someone unqualified perform any of the professional treatments we offer at Skin FX.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Combined with the unparalleled skills of our cosmetic experts are our sets of cutting-edge cosmetic equipment.
Our clinic are always up to date with the latest trends in cosmetic advancements and technologies here and abroad, and we make use of the safest, most effective equipment in taking care of our clients.

Get Private Professional Consultations and Treatments

We fully understand at Skin FX that not every client is comfortable revealing to others when they have received Botox treatment. We are aware that some clients prefer to keep details of the cosmetic treatment they had received private.
You can have peace of mind that all these information will remain private and confidential, from your initial contact to our clinic, to your every consultation, down to your post-treatment clinic visits.
Be Well-Informed About the Procedures
Although we have cosmetic professionals who have been in the industry for many years now, Botox Bellingham Alternative will never leave our clients out of the loop.
We not only provide second to none cosmetic treatments, we also make sure that our clients are well informed about the procedure.
We want to ensure that our clients fully understand how each procedure will go about, what they could expect from each procedure, and the potential side effects each procedure entails.

Get Personalized Treatment

Every client is unique, and therefore, our clinic always follows a unique professional approach for each of them.

When you come in for a consultation, The doctor will talk to you and assess your specific needs. During the assessment and consultation, you will get the chance to detail what professional treatment you want to get or the changes you want done.
Our professionals will provide you with all the facts and information about the procedure, and throughout the consultation you can also ask any questions you have in mind. You may also voice out any concerns that you might have about the treatment.
Together with our amazing Doctor and botox and skin care expert, you can create a treatment scheme customized to your needs.

Friendly, Reliable, and Fully Trained Staff Members.

Every one of our staff members were meticulously trained to give you the highest level of customer service possible.
You can look forward to speaking to a friendly and reliable staff member every time you give us a call or each time you drop by our clinic.

Take Advantage of the Various Professional Services from Botox Bellingham Alternative

Get rid of wrinkles.Defy skin aging and remain ageless through our Botox and cosmetic injectable treatments.
Remove traces of stress, acne, and scars.Rejuvenate your skin through our skin laser therapies.

Say goodbye any loose body fat and cellulite formations.Reclaim your body’s youthful physique with the help of our skin and body tightening treatment.
Eliminate large pores.Retain your smoother, younger, firmer facial skin through our modern microneedling procedures.

Listen to What Our Past Clients Have to Say

Through the years of being in the business of providing cosmetic treatments to clients, we have had the privilege of helping countless individuals who turned into satisfied customers after receiving professional treatments from Botox Bellingham Alternative.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to lend a hand to hundreds of clients both from Canada and the US, and you are free to read the reviews from our past customers about their experience with us.

Treat Your Skin, Your Body, and Yourself with Botox Bellingham Alternative

Give us a call at 360-325-8038 and book an appointment with one of our cosmetic experts or skin care professionals.
Or, you can visit our Botox Bellingham Alternative office during our office hours. Please call in for our address.

If there is one person you should be taking care of, it is you.
Treat yourself to our affordable Botox or laser treatments today.

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